How to use iclicker – both standalone and within Blackboard

Why use iClicker? (Scroll down for instructions on use) The i>clicker, student response system is now integrated into Blackboard. The integration with Blackboard will allow you to more easily manage the registration of a particular clicker to a particular student, create the roster that is used by the iclicker software to identify users and make […]

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Accessing videos in Drive through link in Bb

These instructions assume a familiarity with Google Drive.  The overarching idea is to create a folder, set permissions in that folder to allow anyone with the link to ‘view,’  and add a link to the folder in Blackboard. In this way anyone with the link will be able to view the videos in the folder. […]

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Creating a Podcast assignment

Resources Presentation given by Kyle Hartzel to Oberlin faculty (3/21/2019). PPTX file. Won’t open directly.  Will download. Article providing assignment learning goals and assessment Sample rubrics Teaching Podcasting: A Curriculum Guide for Educators – NPR Nov, 2018 Project Audio: Teaching Students How to Produce Their Own Podcasts – NYT April, 2018 Basic Podcasting assignment resources […]

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Map annotation

Find and upload map to google draw find relevant maps. Search for maps with decent resolution (e.g. Google search Tools>>Size — in dropdown select >1024×768) right or ctrl-click and select ‘View Image’ (exact wording may be different in different browsers) right or ctrl-click and select ‘Save Image as’ (exact wording may be different in different […]


Request Forms

Need an account to get access to the Supercomputer SCIURus is a tool for research and education at Oberlin College, and as such its use is limited to Oberlin faculty, staff, students, and officially affiliated collaborators who are conducting research or course-related activities that require HPC resources. Once your account is approved, you will have […]



(Unfortunately, our engagement for the 18-19 season is over).  Initial invite: “Announcing a new and unique opportunity for faculty, staff, students, classes, and organizations (basically EVERYONE) at Oberlin College. CIT/OCTET is sponsoring a ‘portal’ that will live on Wilder Bowl for 2 months starting on Sept 6th.  This portal connects to other portals in a […]

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Clearing Cache in Safari

The issue with Blackboard not allowing uploads from Safari has been fixed.  The issue stems from a change that Apple implemented which caused Blackboard to change the code it used to upload files from local machines.  HOWEVER, if you tried to upload documents during the period between when Safari was updated and when the fix […]


Using Google Hangouts to give support with a screenshare

Before you start your first video call Download and install the latest version of the Hangouts plugin for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari browsers. When asked to use your computer’s camera and microphone, click Allow. Once both parties have done these steps, the call can be initiated from the assisting office. Using Google Hangouts to […]