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Adding a Zoom link to Blackboard Ultra

To add a Zoom session to your Blackboard course site please follow this procedure. You will need to be able to launch the Zoom application, And also have a web browser and access to Blackboard. Start by loading Zoom. You shoudl be presented with the main screen as shown below.           […]


Online Timeline Software

If you want to create a timeline project in your class or organization, there are many free tools online that make this process easy. Highlighted here is a list of free timeline software that we recommend. If the assignment is a group project, then the simplest tool to use and edit with groups of students […]


Getting started with job search sites

Job search sites are used to distribute application materials to faculty, staff, students and outside reviewers. These sites are created on an as needed bases. If you need a site to be created, please fill out the appropriate form which can be found under the Need Help? tab after logging in to Blackboard or by […]


Delayed Test Feedback in Blackboard

In Blackboard, students can receive feedback on their tests either immediately or at a different specified time. The feedback can be made available after the due date, so that no one sees the correct answers until everyone has taken the assessment. Here are the steps to set this feature: 1. After you have designed a […]


Creating Senior Surveys

This post is directed towards administrative assistants who are creating senior surveys for the students in their departments. CHANGE IN PROCEDURE: DO NOT USE YOUR BLACKBOARD DEPARTMENT SITE   Please contact OCTET at if you would like to use an online system for your senior surveys.


Transferring Information in Google Calendar

Did you know that you can transfer events from past year’s Google Calendar into this year’s? You will need to ‘edit’ the original event. From there you can follow these 5 steps to set it up to appear on the calendar year after year.   You will notice that there is a ‘Yearly’ option under repeats. […]


Mobile Phone Notifications

It’s easy to stay up to date with Blackboard even when you are away from your computer. You can arrange to receive notifications via text, voicemail, or through the Blackboard Mobile app. To receive SMS text messages or voicemails: 1) First, double check that Blackboard has your mobile phone number. From My Blackboard in the […]