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(Unfortunately, our engagement for the 18-19 season is over).  Initial invite: “Announcing a new and unique opportunity for faculty, staff, students, classes, and organizations (basically EVERYONE) at Oberlin College. CIT/OCTET is sponsoring a ‘portal’ that will live on Wilder Bowl for 2 months starting on Sept 6th.  This portal connects to other portals in a […]

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Blackboard 9.1 (OWU) Blackboard Ultra Canvas (St. Johns, Middlebury) Schoology (Wheaton) Notebowl (Denison) Google Classroom Moodle (Kenyon, Wooster) Sakai  

For Faculty LMS Review

Letter to Faculty (based on student data in survey)

To all faculty Blackboard users: This letter is written by a Student Tech Assistant in OCTET and is meant to reflect views from the survey, personal opinions withheld. Please direct any questions and concerns to The complete survey results can be found here.

LMS Review

Common Themes in BB Survey Answers

The survey referenced in this article was administered in Nov or 2015 as a due diligence assessment of our current system, Blackboard.  The process is outlined in another post. Broad stroke summary of results: Faculty are definitely frustrated by some aspects of Blackboard. However, they are not so frustrated that they are willing to move […]

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Blackboard Review Process outlined (2016)

A Blackboard review is being conducted during the Spring 2016 semester. The process includes: Convening of a core group of individuals who make use of Blackboard. This includes reps from the faculty, ResEd, Deans Offices, Athletics and students: Allison Gallaher, Ben Kuperman, Bill Denneen, Chester Andrews, Liz Clerking, Jan Cooper, Jason Hudson, Martin Hundley, Pam […]

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Data from student and faculty survey conducted in 2013

Technology in the service of teaching and learning: data from spring survey of Faculty & Students, 2013 We have created a site to provide feedback — finally — with respect to the tech and teaching survey taken by 118 faculty last spring.  The survey addressed faculty use of technology and their desires/needs for technology in […]

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Investigation of On-line Evaluation systems

Products: There are many products that claim to do online student evaluations of teaching (SETs).  Here are but a few: Blackboard Enterprise surveys Blue Online Course Evaluation LEM Evaluation Kit used by Kenyon and Occidental SmartEvals – more info via Implementing on-line evaluation system Information on the implementation of on-line evals at Oregon State […]


Who's online (Blackboard building block)

  Who’s on Blackboard is a Blackboard building block built to help students connect when they are working on Blackboard assignments. It was build by students for students and is under continual development.  For instance, students are currently working on an opt-out feature. Photos are the same as the ones that show up on the […]