Information directly related to Blackboard course maintenance, development or usage.

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Collaborate vs Zoom

Video conferencing options at Oberlin College There are two supported video conferencing options at Oberlin College. One is for course instructors and is fully integrated into all Blackboard courses. The other is available for students, faculty, and staff, independent of Blackboard. Blackboard Instructors: Collaborate – Should only be used from within Blackboard courses. Sessions are […]

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Converting video/audio files

Since we are mostly a Mac campus, most of our video and audio is saved in a .mov format. Many Windows machines and browsers are not very good at automatically displaying these files. Therefore, we’ve been asked if there is any way to easily convert .mov files to something more compatible e.g. MP3 or MP4 […]

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Photo Roster giving a JAVA error

In some cases trying to access the photo roster is producing a page full of error messages.  This is due to an interaction between the notification system and the way we've implemented the photo roster. While we ultimately would like to fix this, the quickest solution is to dismiss the notification (see the image below […]

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Putting a desktop icon of your Blackboard file system on your desktop.

This is in reference to the ‘Shared Location’ option found in the file system menu. Blackboard allows you to create a server connection directly to the file system for a given course or organization. This will put an icon on your desktop and allow you to treat the Blackboard folder as you would a folder […]

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Basic Blackboard Course/Org Interface

A.  Page header: The area at the top of the page that contains the tabs, the global navigation menu, and Logout.  The tabs you see in the page header depend on your school’s licenses. B.  Tabs: Blackboard Learn includes two common sets of tabs, discussed in the following tables. C.  Content frame: Displays the selected tool or content area. […]

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Enrolling Users

How to add users to a course or organization: 1.  Navigate to the site and under the Control Panel heading go to Users and Groups. 2.  Click on Users and when the new screen appears click on the blue “Enroll User” button. 3.  Another new screen appears. This screen wants you to enter a person’s […]