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How to create a successful flipped learning experience for you and your students

The Flipped Classroom: Strategies to Overcome Student Resistance and Increase Student Engagement >>> Upcoming Seminar | October 18 <<< Join Barbi Honeycutt, editor of the newly released book titled Flipping the College Classroom: Practical Advice from Faculty, as she provides strategies you can use to create a successful flipped learning experience for you and your […]

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Creating Senior Surveys

This post is directed towards administrative assistants who are creating senior surveys for the students in their departments. CHANGE IN PROCEDURE: DO NOT USE YOUR BLACKBOARD DEPARTMENT SITE   Please contact OCTET at if you would like to use an online system for your senior surveys.

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Basic Blackboard Course/Org Interface

A.  Page header: The area at the top of the page that contains the tabs, the global navigation menu, and Logout.  The tabs you see in the page header depend on your school’s licenses. B.  Tabs: Blackboard Learn includes two common sets of tabs, discussed in the following tables. C.  Content frame: Displays the selected tool or content area. […]

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Welcome to the Oberlin College Blackboard FAQ

Please browse the Blackboard Help FAQ to find useful information about the system.  Click a tag in the cloud or use the search bar to find your information. Click here to browse the online help for Instructors. Click here to browse the online help for Students. If you have trouble locating the right information, please […]

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Scroll bar does not appear in Grade Center

Description: Scroll bar does not appear in grade center making it difficult to mange columns on the right margin. Product affected: Blackboard Learn Grade Center Windows Operating Systems (XP, Windows7) Reported: 4/13/12 Vendor response: knowledge base Problem resolved: If you encounter this issue, you need to make a change to the scroll bar size setting. […]

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Course menu missing when entering the course, unable to navigate course materials

If you are unable to see the main course menu, the most likely problem is that the main course menu has been hidden or minimized.  To fix this, locate the arrow on the left margin of the browser window about half way down the page.  Click this arrow to show the main course menu and […]

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Manage weighted grades in the grade center

The Weighted column is a type of calculated column that generates a grade based on the result of selected columns and categories, and their respective percentages. When creating a Weighted column, you can include other calculated columns or other Weighted columns. If there isn’t a “weighted total” column in the grade center already you can […]

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Add image (s) to a test or exam question

Question settings include options to change default point values for a test, add images, files, or external links to questions and answers, and designate questions as extra credit.
Before you can begin adding images to questions, you will need t to c…

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Understanding Wikis and Blogs

Wikis and Blogs are types of Social Software that enable people to rendezvous, connect or collaborate through the Internet.  Other types of social software includes: Instant messaging (IM) Text chat Wikis (wikipedia) Blogs ( Social bookmarking (post a list of bookmarks for others to use–, Massively-multiplayer online games (MMOGs) Media Sharing:  Photo (flickr), Video (YouTube) […]

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Understanding Copyright

Oberlin College is committed to ensuring all Oberlin College community members adhere to Copyright Law. Faculty distribute materials through Blackboard in accordance with Fair Use and: The material is only available to students that are officially registered for the course. The material is only available to those students during the period that the course is being […]