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Creating digital materials for your courses/organizations

Instructors can add file attachments to different areas in a course, such as to a content item, an assignment, or a Discussion Board post. Users open a file by clicking a link to the file that appears in the course. Creating Audio files for your courses When creating and saving audio files, be sure to […]

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Understanding Wikis and Blogs

Wikis and Blogs are types of Social Software that enable people to rendezvous, connect or collaborate through the Internet.  Other types of social software includes: Instant messaging (IM) Text chat Wikis (wikipedia) Blogs ( Social bookmarking (post a list of bookmarks for others to use–, Massively-multiplayer online games (MMOGs) Media Sharing:  Photo (flickr), Video (YouTube) […]

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Understanding Copyright

Oberlin College is committed to ensuring all Oberlin College community members adhere to Copyright Law. Faculty distribute materials through Blackboard in accordance with Fair Use and: The material is only available to students that are officially registered for the course. The material is only available to those students during the period that the course is being […]

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Sending Email

Instructors can send email to individuals who participate in the course from the Send Email page. Emails can be sent to individual users or to groups of users within the course, such as all Teaching Assistants. To send email from within a course: Under the Control Panel heading click Course/Organization Tools. Under Course/Organization Tools select […]

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Upload multiple documents

You can add files and folders to Course Files in multiple ways, including when course content is created. All Recognized Attachment File Types can be saved to Course Files. Note:  Students cannot upload files to Course Files. They may only browse for and attach files from their computers when participating in a course, and those […]

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Add an Announcement

Announcements post timely information critical to course success. The instructor can add, edit, and delete announcements from the Announcements page. This is an ideal place to post time-sensitive material including: When Assignments are due Changes to the syllabus Corrections/clarifications of materials Exam schedules When adding an Announcement, Instructors can also send the announcement as an […]

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Uploading Questions to a Quiz or Survey

You can create your questions off-line and upload them into Blackboard.  However, questions in the file must conform to a specific structure to be uploaded to an Assessment successfully. Each field in the file is separated by a tab. Each row is a separate question. The upload feature relies on TAB delineation—so I would suggest […]

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Discussion Boards

What is a discussion board? An online tool to help encourage students to discuss, reflect, & collaborate on a topic of interest. The Discussion Board enables threaded, asynchronous discussions. Students post messages in response to writing prompts, or respond to other students’ messages. Why Use a Discussion Board? provides an alternative source of interaction with […]

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Collect electronic files using the Assignment Feature

The assignment feature is a tool that instructors can use to collect electronic work from students. The instructor creates one assignment for all students to access and the work can be graded through the grade center.  Because of its ease of use and the fact that it ties assignments to students in the grade center, […]

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Faculty questions about quiz features

Quiz FAQs for Faculty Is there a way for the detailed results and answers for the quizzes to be shown without having the quizzes still available for taking (esp. for students who did not take the quiz)? When you change the settings to show the feedback, you can add a password to the quiz. This […]