MATLAB for researchers

Installing research level MatLab on user's machines

MathWorks (matlab) has 2 tiers of licenses: Student & Researcher. If you are doing publishable work you and/or your students should be using the Research license.  If you are a faculty member and need to use the research level license, send an email to OCTET (email Generally, access involves some initial monetary contribution. After […]

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PDF files are blank and can’t be downloaded on a Mac in Firefox

Description: Users have been experiencing difficulties with viewing/downloading/accessing PDFs in Firefox on a Mac computer.  A user clicks a link to a pdf and either nothing happens, or a new blank tab/window opens.  The PDF is never downloaded or opened.   Product affected: Firefox on a MAC   Reported: 9/11/12   Vendor response: reference information […]

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Cookies Disabled Error

Description: One student reported to me that she was not able to gain access to the weekly journal section.  What happens (she showed it to me) is when she clicks on “view,” the message “cookies disabled” shows up.  She tried with Firefox and Safari.    Product affected: Blackboard Learn Campus Pack Wiki/Blog   Reported: 9/11/12 […]