Qualtrics at Oberlin College

The Qualtrics Research Suite is a powerful online survey software available to all faculty, staff and students at Oberlin College.
The Research Suite allows you to build complex surveys that fulfill a variety of research needs. You can use this tool to build surveys, distribute surveys and analyze responses, all from one convenient online location!
Be aware that most studies, including surveys, done on human subjects should be cleared through the Institutional Research Board (IRB).

How do I learn more about Qualtrics?

learn  more about this particular tool, go to: http://www.qualtrics.com/why-survey-software.

How can I learn to use this tool?

First things first. Take the Qualtrics 5 Step training to become a Qualtrics ninja in minutes!

Wait, there’s more!

• Visit the Qualtrics University Homepage for more videos, tutorials, and support.
• Download our FREE eBooks about Qualtrics.
• Test your Q-knowledge with University Quizzes.
• Browse the FAQs page.
• Visit Research Helps to read white papers written by seasoned researchers.

Ok, I’ve learned the basics and checked in with IRB, how do I get an account so I can log into the Oberlin specific system?
Go to http://oberlin.qualtrics.com and log in using your ObieID. If you’ve never done this before, it will ask you if you have an account or are you a first time user.  Select the appropriate option and accept the terms of service.  This will create a user account for you with enough privileges to create a small number of surveys.  If you decide to continue to use it after reaching your limit, simply send and email to octet@oberlin.edu requesting your restrictions be removed.
Note that access is only for Oberlin employees and students.  The license does not cover alumni or non-affiliated users.

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