Cookies Disabled Error


One student reported to me that she was not able to gain access to the weekly journal section.  What happens (she showed it to me) is when she clicks on “view,” the message “cookies disabled” shows up.  She tried with Firefox and Safari. 

Product affected:

Blackboard Learn

Campus Pack Wiki/Blog




Vendor response:

 The cookies disabled error indicates that your browser is not accepting cookies from Campus Pack; you will need to adjust your browser settings to allow cookies from this domain. For most institutions this domain is campuspack.net .

Problem resolved:

The end user must allow cookies from the vendor site by making a change to their browser settings.

The exact steps to follow depend on your browser.

  • Firefox

In Firefox, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy -> go to Exceptions… and Allow cookies from oberlin.campuspack.net

  • Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy and go to Sites… and Allow cookies from oberlin.campuspack.net


See full post at http://community.learningobjects.com/Groups/Documentation/Campus_Pack_4.4_User_Guide/SSO_No_Cookies




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