Installing research level MatLab on user's machines

MathWorks (matlab) has 2 tiers of licenses: Student & Researcher. If you are doing publishable work you and/or your students should be using the Research license.  If you are a faculty member and need to use the research level license, send an email to OCTET (email octet@oberlin.edu). Generally, access involves some initial monetary contribution.
After requesting access, an email will be sent to you from mathworks with a link to change your password. Once you’ve changed your password, log in to mathworks.com.
Once logged in to the Mathworks site, download the appropriate package(s).  At the moment, you can download anything up to 2017b.
The images below will walk you through the various windows that will appear during installation and the settings you need to select during the installation.
DO NOT GIVE THIS TO STUDENTS. This license provides access to MatLab Research license. This license has limited versions of MatLab and toolboxes that are used to create or analyze publishable data. When the number of users with open sessions equals the number of licenses, the next user trying to open MatLab will be greeted with a message saying that the number of licenses has been exceeded. They will be unable to open MatLab.  Therefore, be sure to close MatLab when you are done using it, please don’t have it open automatically upon startup of your computer and don’t provide this version for student machines.

Steps to install newest MatLab version

All licenses expire on August, 2018.

After downloading the appropriate application from the Mathworks site.

Step 1

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Step 6

Step 7
You will need a license file. Contact OCTET if you have not received this file.


Step 8


Step 9

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