Access to emails for majors, minors and major/minors on leave

This information is particularly relevant for departmental AAs and others in departments that need to email majors/minors.
Emailing majors and minors has been problematic since we lost the ability to sort them into separate groups in Blackboard.  While we still can’t do that, we have created a work around.  In each DEPT site in Blackboard, AAs and Faculty have access to the emails of all majors, minors and majors and minors on leave for their department.  This list updates at 3am every day.  Anything happening on a given day will not be reflected in the list until the following day.

There are 2 ways to take advantage of these lists and some issues you must be aware of about these lists.


  • You can copy the list and add it to your to: window in your favorite email client. See below for details.
  • You can use it to adjust your groups within Blackboard and send information out via Blackboard.


  • The list of students on leave include those on Academic, Medical AND Personal Leave. The list you will find in PRESTO only show students on Academic Leave. Also note that the users on leave are duplicated in the other groupings.



How to copy the list of emails and use it in your email client of choice.

  • Click into the appropriate box.
  • Select Cntl-A (Cmd-A on a Mac)
  • Select Cntl-C (Cmd-C on a Mac)
  • Go to your email of choice and start a new email message.
  • Put your cursor in the To: or Bcc: field
  • Select Cntl-V (Cmd-V on a Mac)
  • All the emails should have been copied into the appropriate field.
  • NB: those that have hundreds of users should be aware that the emails may not all be delivered.  You may need to divide your list into two or even 3 groups.

How to adjust the groups in Blackboard.

  • Go to Control Panel>>Users and Groups>>Groups


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