Understanding the Photo Display Suite

There are a number of options for viewing photos of users in your site.

Public vs Confidential versions

In courses, there are two Photo Display tools. One is accessed via the Control Panel>>Course Tools>>Photo Roster – Confidential. This tool is only available to Instructors/Assistants and Leaders in course and org sites. It will display the users that are enrolled (both preferred name and legal name), their picture, their major, class dean and year.  It will also have email links to the class dean and to the individual student.  N.B. The email links will only work if your browser has been set up to open an email client such as ocmail or MacMail but you can always copy and paste the link into your email.  If you need help configuring the automatic email process, please call the help desk at 440-775-8197.
The second tool allows the instructor to make a condensed version of the roster visible to all the users enrolled in the site. This tool can be found by clicking on the + sign at the top of the menu in the left margin. Choose Tool Link>>Photo Roster – Public.  Be sure to make the new area ‘available to users.’  Only the photo, name and a link to their email will be displayed in this view.

Printing the student roster

The easiest way to print a copy  is to break the content out of the Blackboard framework.  To do this right-click (WIN) or CTRL-click (MAC) on the link to the Student Roster link in the Control panel and then select  ‘open in a new tab or window’ (the wording may be slightly different in different browsers).  This will break it out of the Bb framework and allow you to use the browser print feature to print it out.  Unfortunately, this does not always work ;(

Changing your photo

This is done through the ‘change photo’ link found in the My Info module which, by default, can be found on the landing page and on the ‘Need Help?’ tab.

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