Mobile Phone Notifications

It’s easy to stay up to date with Blackboard assignments even when you are away from your computer. You can arrange to receive notifications via text, voicemail, or through the Blackboard Mobile app.
To receive SMS text messages or voicemails:
1) First, double check that Blackboard has your mobile phone number. From My Blackboard in the upper right-hand corner, click “Settings”. Then continue to “Personal Information”. From there, you can add your mobile phone number.
*Click on the image to enlarge (it will open as the image and if you click a second time it will get bigger)*blackboard home settings personal info
2) Now you can edit your notification settings to include SMS messages or Text to Voice messages to your phone. Here are those steps:Text Settings

  1. From My Blackboard tab again, select Settings and then select Edit Notification Settings.
  2. On the Edit Notification Settings page, select the link for Courses I am taking to change notification settings for all courses at once.  Alternatively, you can make selections for individual courses by selecting a course name under Edit Individual Course Settings. The Current Notification Settings page appears and provides the same options.
  3. On the Change Settings page, check that your Notification Destinations are correct. If not, change them in your Personal Information (see above for instructions).
  4. Under Settings, select how your notifications are delivered by selecting the check box at the top of a column or by selecting check boxes for individual tools or features. Remove the check mark for any notification that you do not wish to receive.
  • Two-Way SMS (Oberlin College is not set up for this) 
  • Text-to-Voice – This column appears if your institution has enabled this feature. A voice message is sent to the phone number you provided in your Personal Information.
  • After making your notification selections, click Submit.

There is also a  Blackboard Mobile Learn app:
If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can download the Blackboard Mobile Learn from Apple’s App Store or from Google Play on Android. Push notification settings from these apps can be adjusted in the same manner as before, under the “Mobile” column. If you arrange for push notifications, you do not need text or voicemail notifications. Pick your preferred notification method so that you are only alerted once.
If you are having trouble, call the CIT Help Desk at 440-775-8197 or email them at cit@oberlin.edu

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