Getting started with job search sites

Job search sites are used to distribute application materials to faculty, staff, students and outside reviewers.

These sites are created on an as needed bases. If you need a site to be created, please fill out the appropriate form which can be found under the Need Help? tab after logging in to Blackboard or by clicking here.

Once you have your site, you should

  • Upload the appropriate documents. There are many ways to do this.  This process will be detailed below.
  • Enroll the appropriate users.  If there are users that are not in the system, you can request that an account be created for them by filling out the appropriate form on the Need Help? tab after logging into Blackboard or clicking here


Once your site has been created, it is up to you to upload documents and files and enroll committee members as users. We recommend limiting use of the Blackboard site for the final round of potential applicants (~15) ,since uploading hundreds of files is very time consuming.

If you would like to upload significantly more than around 15 files, contact OCTET as soon as materials begin to be collected and we can help you set up WebDav. We will be unable to help on a last minute basis (ie day of requests).

Here are the instructions for uploading documents and materials to the job search site. This is using one specific option that has worked for many in the past, but feel free to adjust and manipulate as you see fit.

Note-Upload multiple files does not consistently work due to the Java based script. The most consistent option is to upload files individually.

  1. From the course panel (left column on screen), click the + button and Content Area.

Name the new Content Area “Application Materials”, and make it available to users.

  1. Now it is time to build content within this area. Click Application Materials from the left column. From the Build Content tab, add a new content folder.

Name this folder as Applicant 1 and press submit. Within this folder, all the documents pertaining to this applicant will be housed.

  1. Once this folder has been created, you can add documents to it. From the Applicant 1 folder, click the Build Content tab again, but this time Create Item. Name the item, and then attach a file from your computer using the Browse My Computer option. Then click Submit. This file is now in the folder for Applicant 1.
  2. Repeat this process, creating new folders for different applicants and then uploading files pertaining to them.


Besides adding content area to the job search site, you will also need to add the committee members who you want to have access to review. Here are those steps:

  1. Under the Control Panel on the left hand column, click Users and Groups–>Users.

  1. Then click the green tab “Find Users to Enroll”
  2. From here, you can directly add users if you know their username. Alternatively, you can browse by first and last names by clicking Browse. After selecting multiple users that you want to add, you must now set their role. The two most common roles are leaders and participants.

Leaders will be able to add documents, send emails, and other administrative details. If you are adding to the site and following these instructions, you are listed as a Leader. Participants have roles much like students; they can view files and make comments, but not make any administrative changes for the group.

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