Using the SmartEvals course evaluation system (for faculty)

N.B.: SmartEvals will open multiple tabs so that you can move between screens of information without using the back button on the browser.

Before SETs are released to students

You will receive an email towards the middle of the semester informing you that you can view and add questions to your student evaluations.
Getting to the SmartEvals system:

  1. Login with your Obie ID e.g. username : jrsmith (not jrsmith@oberlin.edu or james.r.smith@oberlin.edu)
  2. Click on the ‘ Tool ‘ tab from the left side menu.  Click on the SmartEvals logo.
  3. Click on the links to get to the survey(s) for courses participating in the evaluations.
    if you are department head, you may need to toggle to the ‘Instructor view’ (top menu bar).
  4. Contact support@oberlin.edu if there are any problems.

Once in SmartEvals, your past and upcoming courses will be displayed.

  1. Add Questions
  2. ‘Preview’ what students will see.
  3. The total # of students that will be receiving email reminders about the evaluation.
  4. Ongoing response rate as a percentage of the total number of students.
  5. The ability to view past results and download both summary and individual student responses.

If anything is incorrect contact evals@oberlin.edu asap.

After the evaluation period closes (View Results)

Survey results will be available the day after the final grades are due.  An email will be sent out with a pdf summary of the data and instructions for viewing individual responses (similar to what you see in your paper results) but in case you missed them, here they are again.
Getting to the SmartEvals system:

  1. Go to Blackboard (http://blackboard.oberlin.edu) and log in using your ObieID.
    Your ObieID is 8 characters. It is not your email (e.g. aborroni@oberlin.edu), nor is it your alias (albert.borroni@oberlin.edu) or T#.  Mine would be aborroni. Use the same password used to log in to your oberlin.edu email.
  2. Once in Blackboard. Click on the ‘ Tool ‘ tab from the left side menu.  Click on the SmartEvals logo.

Viewing results in SmartEvals:

Once logged in to SmartEvals, you will see a list of courses where the online evaluation system was used. Find the course you are interested in viewing and click on the ‘See Reports’ options.

Once you’ve accessed the results for a particular course, the tabs at the top of the page will provide access to several different reports.The system defaults to a ‘Custom Report’ which is summary of how each question was answered by your students.

Clicking on the ‘Individual Evaluations’ tab will give you the responses submitted by an individual student (without providing their name) — very similar to the format you are accustomed to seeing.

To PRINT the Individual reports for pre-tenure or tenure review follow the directions in the yellow header area.

More info

  • Custom Report – This is the default view, i.e. the window will open to a ‘Custom Report’ that gives means and standard deviations of the Likert-scale responses and lists the prose answers to all question.  What you see by default should be similar to the pdf attached to this email.  However, the Customizable Report also allows you to create your own built-in metrics dashboard with drill-down functionality.
  • Individual Evaluations – View like paper evals: Very similar to what you are accustomed to seeing with paper evals where each student’s responses appear in a single report.

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