Common Themes in BB Survey Answers

The survey referenced in this article was administered in Nov or 2015 as a due diligence assessment of our current system, Blackboard.  The process is outlined in another post.

Broad stroke summary of results:

Faculty are definitely frustrated by some aspects of Blackboard. However, they are not so frustrated that they are willing to move to another system.  Students are frustrated more with how the tool is being used than how the tool works. We’ve put together a short ‘letter to faculty‘ that is based on the responses given by students.  In this ‘letter’ we’ve also included some advice on how to deal with some of the ‘problems’ students reported.

General usage statistics for Spring 2016:

Since the beginning of the  semester (2/1/16), 3720 unique users have logged in.  This number includes >50 users that are not students, faculty or staff at the College.  This semester 526 courses have been made available to students.

It is very clear that Blackboard is getting used often by our community and that the community was interested in having their voice heard (837 responded to the survey). Responses came from students (67%), faculty (15%), staff affiliated with academic departments (6%),  and staff that are not affiliated with academic departments (12%).

Some stats from the survey:

  • 86% of respondents log in more than 1/week.
  • While the majority *87%) log in to view course info, 57% log in to view information in organizations or to use other tools available through the Bb portal.
  • 95% of students indicate that having information related to your course on-line is somewhat to extremely important.
  • 95% report that it is helpful to ‘absolutely necessary’ to be able to find information from all their courses in 1 place.
  • The organizations accessed most frequently include sites for: the Deans  (Con and College), General Faculty office, Advising, Academic Departments, Faculty and Department review and the various Libraries.
  • Tools that are used include the User Directory and SmartClassroom listing.
  • 38% of respondents have modified their landing page (28% said they didn’t know you could do that).

All responses can be found in the following Qualtrics reports.

checkout pg 2

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