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Creating a Podcast assignment


Tools for creating podcasts (audio files)

Some suggestions for those interested in creating a ‘podcast’ (audio) assignment for their students. 
Have students create a script (double-spaced, 1 page is about 1 minute)
Easiest tool to use is either Audacity (free download / Garage Band (comes on all Macs). Here are some useful tutorials for using these tools. 

Audacity Podcast Tutorial

Garageband Podcast Tutorial

If your students need any assistance with the assignment, have them contact our media consultants at octet@oberlin.edu.  Also, if students want to experiment with higher quality audio, A/V has two USB mics that would be ideal. A/V is located on the 4th floor of Mudd.

Submitting and grading the assignment

The best way to have students submit the podcast and script is through Blackboard Journal.  The beauty of this mechanism is that you can quickly go through each one AND the submissions can be made available to the students after everyone has turned in their assignments by simply editing 1 journal setting.
Get into journal settings:

Check the appropriate box so that students can see each other’s work: 

Rubric can be added to the assignment to help provide clarity for students.

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