(Unfortunately, our engagement for the 18-19 season is over). 

Initial invite: “Announcing a new and unique opportunity for faculty, staff, students, classes, and organizations (basically EVERYONE) at Oberlin College. CIT/OCTET is sponsoring a ‘portal’ that will live on Wilder Bowl for 2 months starting on Sept 6th.  This portal connects to other portals in a variety of locations around the world including Afghanistan, Iraq, Mexico City, and Rwanda.

“To see our portal, venture out to Wilder Bowl!  The portal is the big gold box between Finney and Wilder. You can’t miss it.  If it’s open, please walk in. “

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Summary of engagement

— 78 Connections with Portals across Shared_Studios’ global network
— 139 Hours connected time between Oberlin and the Portals network
— 17 Portals connected to Oberlin, across four continents
— 410+ Participants entered the Oberlin_Portal at the Wilder Bowl site
Across many locations…
Kazakhstan (Astana), Germany (Berlin, Hamburg), USA (Brooklyn, San Marcos, Oakland, Colorado Springs, Ithaca, Andover), Iraq (Erbil), Palestine (Gaza City), Afghanistan (Herat, Kabul), Rwanda (Kigali), Mexico (Mexico City), Honduras (San Pedro Sula)

Oberlin College News article

User Feedback

“This experience was amazing. I would love for this to be on campus much longer, I think it has not finished its job of teaching people and I think it would be worth it to keep the portal here longer. if there’s anything I can do to have the portal stay longer I would do it.”

“Keep this going!! It is so valuable and appreciated!”

“It was remarkable how intimate the conversation seemed, as if people far away were actually in the room with us.”

“So Amazing! Wonderful to talk with people on the other side of the world and see how much we have in common. This is a great project.”

“Any time there is an interpersonal interaction, it helps us to see others as individuals, and to increase empathy and understanding. The Portal definitely did that for me. Thank you for offering it to the community at Oberlin

–I am grateful to have experienced it on our visit on Parents’ Weekend!”

“Overall it was a great experience. It’s almost like meeting someone in real life. The quality and latency issues I expected were nonexistent.”

“The Portal volunteers/employers were fantastic! Bright, personable, engaging, they were an important part of the Portal’s success overall.”

“I think we realized what it was just as I was announcing it was leaving. Next time we’ll know what it is and incorporated into the class work.”

ㅡ “It was remarkable how intimate the conversation seemed, as if people far away were actually in the room with us.”

Read what Oberlin students had to say about their experience and view more post-visit survey results.

In case you missed it, here’s some info on this portal thing?

More info on Shared Studio’s Portal project can be found here

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