Request Forms

Need an account to get access to the Supercomputer

SCIURus is a tool for research and education at Oberlin College, and as such its use is limited to Oberlin faculty, staff, students, and officially affiliated collaborators who are conducting research or course-related activities that require HPC resources.

Once your account is approved, you will have SSH access, then we can work together on getting your software installed. 

Need a course site for a course that isn’t appearing under the ‘My Online Course Sites’ module.

Not all courses are created in Blackboard. This is because there are a number of course that will never need a site and having them all listed will clutter your display. These include most PVST, ATHL and private reading/research courses. However, in some cases you may want to set up a site for a course that doesn’t appear automatically. This form is used to make that sort of request.

Give library reserves  access your blackboard course site (eRes)

Do you want the library to upload articles, book chapters etc directly to your Blackboard course? If so, fill out this form.  Be aware that the library staff will temporarily have ‘instructor’ level access to your course site.  If they use students, they may enroll a student in your course as a ‘Course Builder.’ This role does not give them the ability to view student grades or anything that students have submitted.

You can also do this yourself by going to Control Panel>>Customization>>Categorize Course as ‘Eres (Library Support). Remember to click on the submit button. Categories are processed at night and therefore the library won’t have access until the next morning.

Merge enrollments from multiple courses into 1 site

In many cases multiple sections of a course may present similar, if not exact duplicate, content. In these cases, it might be easier if all the students from all sections were actually in 1 site. If this would be useful to you, you’re in the right place.

Need a new organization – These requests only get processed ON MONDAY (12:30 – 2:30).

Organizations are created for great number of reasons but the main ones have been to exchange applications with and gather feedback from a search committee, committee overseeing pre-tenure or tenure review proceedings or program reviews. If you need one of these organizations, this is the form for you.

Need an account for a user that isn’t in the system

Use this form to request the creation of account(s) for students that need access to your course but are not full-time Oberlin students or for additional users who might need temporary access to an organization. This  is usually the case with high school students that are taking a course and people who are auditing (however, those auditing should go through the official process to sign up as an auditor of a course). It is sometimes necessary in the process of a departmentalor personnel review.

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