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Adding a Zoom link to Blackboard Classic.

To add a Zoom session to your Blackboard course site please follow this procedure.
You will need to be able to launch the Zoom application, And also have a web browser and access to Blackboard.
Start by loading Zoom. You should be presented with the main screen as shown below.

Zoom Main Screen

From the Main screen Please choose The Schedule button to Schedule a meeting. Once selected you will see the following screen.
Schedule Default
Please Give the scheduled meeting a meaningful name.
Select Reoccurring Meeting
Then Select Other Calendars

Press the Submit Button and you will see this

There is a lot of text here But we only need 3 lines from it.

Please copy these lines by pressing Ctrl + c (on a PC) or Command + C (on a Mac) We will be entering this data into Blackboard to share with the students.
Now please load Blackboard and enter your Classic course. It should look like this

It’s nice to add a content area for all your Zoom Content. It helps keep things organized and easy for the students to find. Add a Content area by clicking the + button

Then Select Content area from the list

Then Give your Content area a meaningful name

When you are done you will see it listed on the Left side of the course. You can drag it up and down to make it easier to find if you choose. We then need to enter the content area in order to add content to it. Please click on your content area.

You should see the title of the Content area displayed now.

To add content press the “Build Content Button”
Choose Web Link

Then paste your zoom session information into the Description box as shown above. Then Copy just the URL of your Zoom link and paste it in the box labeled URL where the cursor in the above image is pointing.

If you would like to you can create a link and make it easy for the students to join your Zoom session simply by clicking in blackboard Highlight the Zoom URL as shown and select the add link tool in the Blackboard Txt editor.

Paste The URL into the box as shown above and press the “insert” Button

As you can see the URL is now a blue color indicating it can be clicked. If you are happy with how it looks press the Submit button
When you are done it should look like this
Want to see this tutorial as a video? Click here

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