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Accessing videos in Drive through link in Bb

These instructions assume a familiarity with Google Drive.  The overarching idea is to create a folder, set permissions in that folder to allow anyone with the link to ‘view,’  and add a link to the folder in Blackboard. In this way anyone with the link will be able to view the videos in the folder. Since the link is only found in the course, only those students will be accessing the videos.
More restrictive permissions can be used to only allow users with google accounts to access the folder but that will leave out anyone who is auditing the course and doesn’t have an acct. Both methods, anyone with the link, and ‘anyone at Oberlin with a link’ are illustrated below.
Assuming that the folder has already been created, the first step is to highlight the folder and click on the ‘Share’ option.

Next, get the link that will be added to Bb by selecting ‘Get Shareable link.’
The default setting witl be to share with ‘Anyone at Oberlin College with the link can view.’ If the link needs to be made more accessible or if you don’t want to require students to log in to their gmail account, select ‘More…’ and set the permissions to ‘Anyone with the link.’

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