How organizations are displayed

The list of organizations allows you to search for courses or organizations via a keyword or a specific category. The links in the catalog display instructor information and a description. You may also be able to enroll, preview, or log into an organization.


How can I find my organizations?

  1. Organizations can be found on the “Academic Hub” tab in the “My Organizations” module.
  2. Organizations will be listed based on your role:
    • Organizations in which I am leading
    • Organizations in which I am assisting
    • Organizations in which I am participating
  3. Find the title for the organization in which you are a member, and click to enter the site.


How can I find an organization if I’m not a member?

  1. Go to the “Academic Hub” Tab.
  2. You can either search for a specific organization or browse the catalog.
  3. To search for a specific organization, use the browse catalog option in the “Browse Catalog of Open Organizations” module.  Type in the name of the organization or keywords, and click Go!
  4. The search results will return any organizations that match your search criteria.  Review the list and click the link to enter the site.  If the organization allows for enrollment, and you wish to enroll, simply click the double-down arrow to the right of the org ID and click “enroll.”
  5. You can also browse for organizations by category.

NOTE:  not all organizations are available for review.  Some sites may be restricted to certain roles or users and therefore can not be found through a search of these sites.  You’ll need to contact the leader of the organization for more information.

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