Copy materials from one course to another

The “Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course” option enables Instructors to copy content from one course into another one that they are teaching. Instructors can select areas such as Content Areas (like course documents) or Tools (such as discussion boards) to copy.  This tool will add content to a destination course, but it will not remove existing content in that course.
Instructors are able to copy or move content and place it in another area within the same course or into another course. Individual files or entire folders can also be copied between courses. Users must have an Instructor or TA role in the destination course when content is moved or copied to another course. For more information about copying or moving content, click here.

To copy/move materials from an one course into another you will need to

  1. Click on the link for the old course. It may be unavailable but this is not a problem.
  2. Find the Control Panel in the lower left corner and click “Packages and Utilities.”
  3. From the menu that appears click ¨Course Copy.¨
  4. Be sure that  “Copy Course Materials into an existing course” is selected.
  5. Click the “Browse” button to select the course you want the material to be transferred into.  The destination course should be the new course.
  6. A list of courses in which you are enrolled as an instructor should appear.  Click the radial button to the left of the course  ID to where you would like to copy the materials.
  7. Click Submit.  The course id should appear in the field next to the browse button.
  8. Now select what you would like to copy. Check all boxes under Copy Options to be safe, or select only certain areas to copy.
  9. DO NOT check the box to copy enrollments.  Remember that enrollments are managed automatically through Presto/Banner.
  10. DO NOT check the box to copy Adaptive Release Rules for Content. When dates, times and specific user permissions are set on an item and then those dates and times have passed or users are not in the new site, it causes a problem with Blackboard.
  11. Click Submit.  The whole transfer should take between 5 and 10 minutes depending on how much material is being copied.  You will receive an email when the process has completed.
  12. Enter the new course and the materials should be available.  If you do not see them, click the refresh button at the top of the course menu (second icon from the right).

To copy individual files:

  1. Open the Content Area (such as course documents) that holds the piece of content.
  2. Find the item and choose the drop down arrow for the specific item (to the right of the title).
  3. From the menu select Copy or Move.  Click Copy if you want to leave a version in the current site and create a new copy elsewhere.  Select Move if you want to relocate the file to another location and remove it from where it currently lives.
  4. Choose the destination for the file.
  5. Destination Course: Select a destination from the drop-down list for the item. Courses in which the user  has the Instructor role will appear in the list.
  6. Destination Folder: Select Browse to view the Course Map. Click a folder in the Course Map to select the folder where you want the file to live.
  7. Click Submit.

For more information about how to copy and move course content, click here.

I’ve tried to copy materials from an old course into a new course shell, but I get an error.  What do I do?

When you go to select the course for the destination ID, be sure to select the new course shell and not the old course. If you select the same section that you are trying to copy from instead of the new one, you will get an error that says you can’t copy materials to a destination ID that has the same course ID.

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