Membership in Organizations

Enrollment in most organizations occurs automatically.  There are some organizations in the system that allow for self-enrollment or enrollment by request.


  1. Go to the “Academic Hub” Tab.
  2. Locate the module called “Browse the catalog of open organizations” and click BROWSE.
  3. Search for the organization. To search for a specific organization, use the browse catalog option.  Type in the name of the organization or keywords, and click Go!
  4. The search results will return any organizations that match your search criteria.  If the organization allows for enrollment and you wish to enroll, simply click the double-down arrow to the right of the org ID and then click “enroll.”
  5. If the organization does not allow for self-enrollment, you will need to contact the leader for more details.


  1. If an organization appears in the “My Organization” module, and you are not a member, please contact the leader to be removed.  If this happens with the same organization multiple times, please contact OCTET at octet@oberlin.edu.
  2. If you no longer wish to participate in an organization, please contact the leader of the organization so that you can be removed from the membership list.

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