Sending Email

Instructors can send email to individuals who participate in the course from the Send Email page. Emails can be sent to individual users or to groups of users within the course, such as all Teaching Assistants.

To send email from within a course:

  1. Under the Control Panel heading click Course/Organization Tools.
  2. Under Course/Organization Tools select “Send Email”.
  3. Select to whom the email will be sent.
  4. Add a subject NOTE: The subject line will be suffixed with the sending course ID. There is no way to modify this, as it provides the recipient with an easy indication that it was sent from a particular course.
  5. Add the message.
  6. Upload attachments as needed.
  7. Click Submit to send.

Click here to watch a video about sending email.
Instructors cannot send email to users who are not enrolled in Blackboard.  Emails are sent to the external email accounts listed in the personal information section for each user.


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