Upload multiple documents

You can add files and folders to Course Files in multiple ways, including when course content is created. All Recognized Attachment File Types can be saved to Course Files.
Note:  Students cannot upload files to Course Files. They may only browse for and attach files from their computers when participating in a course, and those files are not saved in Course Files.
You can add content in four ways:

  • Upload files and folders into Course Files, either one at a time or in batches, using the drag-and-drop function or the browse function.
  • Upload files when content is created in your course. Files uploaded from your computer using the Browse My Computer function are saved automatically in the top level folder in Course Files.
  • Create content using the Text Editor and save it as an HTML object,
  • Use WebDav for direct upload, editing, and management of files in Course Files from your computer desktop or through WebDAV capable applications.

For more information about uploading files and documents, please click here.


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