Faculty questions about quiz features

Quiz FAQs for Faculty

Is there a way for the detailed results and answers for the quizzes to be shown without having the quizzes still available for taking (esp. for students who did not take the quiz)?

When you change the settings to show the feedback, you can add a password to the quiz. This should make the results available, but the quiz unavailable (unless you have the password). This will prevent other students from going back to take it with the correct answers. Go to the quiz, and select Modify>Modify test options>Password.  Just remember to set the password when you change the settings to show the results.

With the password set….If the test was already completed, the student will be able to review their results by clicking on the quiz or by clicking the link under “My Grades.” If the test was not completed, they will be prompted to enter the password.

The Blackboard quiz password prevents students who have not taken a quiz from accessing it after the feedback is given.

Do you know if when you give multiple choice quizzes on Blackboard, you can give negative points for incorrect answers?

There is not currently a way to do this in Blackboard. The problem is that the gradebook standardizes on a scale from 0 to 100 and does not allow negative points to be given. You could standardize on a different value other than 0, such as 10 so that “10″ would be your new “0″, and anything below 10 would be theoretically negative. But I think that this would only complicate not only the gradebook, but also the grading scale–which would confuse the heck out of the students.

The system does allow for partial grading, but students would still get points for answering. The correct answer could be worth 10, while the incorrect answer would be worth 2–this is not enough points to make a difference in the grade, but a “0″ would be more effective in this case because they wouldn’t get any points for answering wrong–so the partial grading would not be useful either.

A request has been placed with Blackboard to have them look into this as a possible product enhancement. I suspect that this may never be an option. Let me provide an example to help explain why. Say that a student guessed wrong on all 10 questions on a quiz. If each question was worth 5 pts, and wrong answers were worth -1 pt, instead of receiving a “0,” he/she would receive -10 pts on the quiz. I imagine that the system would view this as counter intuitive because you shouldn’t be able to loose more points than what the quiz was originally worth. And, regardless of whether you use negative points or not, if the student answered all of the questions wrong, he/she would still fail the quiz.

To make a short story long, we do not see a way to use negative points to discourage guessing at the present time. We’ll have to wait and see if Blackboard is able to develop something to solve this problem.

Blackboard quiz does not allow negative points.

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