Tips for a good experience with Blackboard quizzes and tests

Tips for Successful Quiz-Taking

  1. Do NOT wait until the last minute to take the test.
  2. Take the test on a computer through a reliable network connection. (A dial-up connection is a really bad idea–AVOID AOL!!) Also avoid using a wireless connection.
  3. Avoid multi-tasking while taking the test.  Close all unnecessary windows and programs so that your computer is dedicated only to quiz taking.
  4. Do NOT save your answers as you go. Blackboard appears to have a glitch which sometimes results in answers being lost and the test locking up whenever one of the “Save” buttons is clicked. Instead, it is recommended that you complete the test and click “Submit.” Stay away from all “Save” buttons.
  5. Avoid hitting the Back, Forward, Home, or Refresh/Reload buttons in their browser.
  6. Avoid entering new URLs in the Address or Location fields of the browser.
  7. Avoid selecting any pages from Favorites/Bookmarks in the assessment’s browser window.
  8. Avoid using a scroll wheel on a mouse to scroll down through a set of test questions. Scroll wheels can inadvertently change answers. Use the window scroll bar not the scroll wheel.
  9. Be sure to use a supported browser.


If you are using a Mac to take this test, you will need to turn off your Visual Text Box Editor (VTBE) in order to avoid problems. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ACCESS THE TEST BEFORE following these instructions as it will result in an error.

Please follow these steps to turn off the VTBE:

  1. Click on the Home Tab.
  2. From the menu on the left, click “View Personal Settings”.
  3. From this list, click “Set Visual Text Box Editor Options”.
  4. Change the availability to “unavailable” and click submit.
  5. Go back to your course and take the test.


Problems that may occur during quizzes or surveys:

  • User receives a message indicating that “the assessment has not been completed”
  • User receives a message indicating that the “assessment was already submitted”
  • User loses internet connection
  • User accidentally logs out
  • Submitting quiz caused browser to freeze
  • Attempt in Progress icon:  A Student is currently using the Assessment or Assignment.  If you have taken an assessment and you now have this icon as a grade, this indicates that the test was not submitted correctly and Blackboard believes that the student is still taking the test.   A common reason for this is that the student selected SAVE, not SUBMIT at the end of the assessment or the Internet connection was lost during the test.  Immediately log back into Blackboard, access the assessment, complete it and SUBMIT it.  If you are unable to access the assessment, the instructor should be contacted immediately.

*In all these above cases, the instructor will need to “clear attempt” if they want to allow the student to retake the quiz.  The student will not be able to take the assessment again until the attempt is cleared. The student should contact the Instructor, explain in detail what occurred, and ask the Instructor to clear the assessment attempt. It is up to the Instructor to decide whether to allow the student access to the assessment a second time.

What if my Pop-up blocker in IE is preventing me from taking the quiz or forcing me to right-click?

This is a security feature for Internet Explorer.  You can change the settings by following these instructions:

  1. Open your IE browser
  2. Click on the Tools menu.
  3. From the Tools menu select “Internet Options”
  4. From Internet Options select the “Privacy” tab
  5. At the bottom of the tab is the Pop-up blocker section.  Make sure the “Block pop-ups” is checked.
  6. Click the “Settings” button
  7. Here we will need to add Bb to the acceptable list (unless you’ve already done this).  Type the url ( https://blackboard.oberlin.edu ) and then click the “ADD” button.  The address should appear in the “allowed sites” list.
  8. Then (right below the list) you will find the Filter Level—I suspect that yours is set to “HIGH”—which forces a ctrl-click to access pop-ups.  Change this setting to “MEDIUM” which will remove the ctrl-click (however, be sure that the pop-up blocker is checked because otherwise you may receive pop-ups you don’t want–you want to block everything accept the ones on the list).
  9. Click “Close” to accept changes.
  10. Click “OK” to accept Changes.
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