Supercomputer (Science Center)

Researchers at Oberlin College can request an account by filling out an application form. The request is vetted by a committee that was involved in getting the grant that paid for the equipment. Since this is a shared resource the committee considers the impact and resource usage as well as other factors.
Research is a very important activity in that it promotes knowledge creation within a discipline and also provides a very authentic learning experience for the students. For these reasons we are provide some support for maintaining the research environment and helping to move it forward. As such we are involved in:

    • Managing access to high-end software including:

      • Guassian on our 64-node cluster
      • Qualtrics as a high-end survey tool
      • Research level licenses for MatLab
      • Site-wide licenses for Mathematica
      • NOVA
    • Maintaining the usability of
      • 64 individual desktops located in various labs across the sciences
      • a small specialized¬† Geology lab.
      • a large 64 node cluster of computers
      • Consulting with individual departments and faculty on the purchase of relevant equipment

In most cases OCTET will be able to help you or to direct you to where you can find some help. Feel free to call or email us.


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