Computer Science Labs (King Bldg)

Computer Science has some very special needs when it comes to technology. From triple boot machines to specialized software used from programming games, interactive websites, applications and databases.  In this sense there are 2 main concerns: centralized server administration and lab administration.
We have 2, 20 seat teaching labs in the King building that can be booted into either Mac OS 10.7, Windows 7 or Linux. These are all connected via a dedicated subnet to each other and to a main server, Oberlin College Computer Server (OCCS).
The lab machines provide access to a host of developer tools and open source utility’s.
The server setup enables us to provide a centralized learning environment and sandbox for students who are learning how to program.
In most cases OCTET will be able to help you or to direct you to where you can find some help. Feel free to call or email us.


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