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Investigation of On-line Evaluation systems

Products: There are many products that claim to do online student evaluations of teaching (SETs).  Here are but a few: Blackboard Enterprise surveys Blue Online Course Evaluation LEM Evaluation Kit used by Kenyon and Occidental SmartEvals – more info via Implementing on-line evaluation system Information on the implementation of on-line evals at Oregon State […]

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Delayed Test Feedback in Blackboard

In Blackboard, students can receive feedback on their tests either immediately or at a different specified time. The feedback can be made available after the due date, so that no one sees the correct answers until everyone has taken the assessment. Here are the steps to set this feature: 1. After you have designed a […]

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Understanding Copyright

Oberlin College is committed to ensuring all Oberlin College community members adhere to Copyright Law. Faculty distribute materials through Blackboard in accordance with Fair Use and: The material is only available to students that are officially registered for the course. The material is only available to those students during the period that the course is being […]