Oberlin Center for Technologically Enhanced Teaching


Accessing the results of your SmartEvals student evaluations of teaching (for faculty)

logoPuzzle_Web_250pxIf you go into Blackboard (http://blackboard.oberlin.edu — log in with your ObieID & password) you will see a tab titled ‘ Survey .’  On that tab is a module that will have a link titled ‘ Login to SmartEvals.’  Clicking on the link will automatically log you into SmartEvals Survey Center for this semester.

Once in SmartEvals there will be many links to click on, focus on the ‘Reports’ link at the end of the line describing your course.


On the Report page for that course there will be a summary of how each question was answered by your students.  Also, note that at the top of the page is a tab titled ‘Individual Responses.’  Clicking on this tab will give you the responses given by each students — very similar to the old format.


  • In smart evals click on the graph icon at in the second last column Inline image 1
  • Click on the ‘Individual Evaluation’ tab at the top of the page Inline image 2
  • Click on the ‘Export Report to PDF’ button.
  • Repeat for other courses
  • Then look in the downloads folder on your machine for the reports.