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Addressing Advising Sites

Now that the institution has a new, more comprehensive area for advisors to access information about their advisees and that area has the capability to contact advisees, it is time to sunset the Blackboard advising sites.  These sites will be removed from Blackboard over the summer. Below are some recommendations for common activities that have been done using those sites.

  1. For those that used the site to contact advisees, it is recommended that you now use AdviseStream. You can access AdviseStream from
A faculty member can click on My Assigned Students in the Advisetask area on the left of the home screen, then click on the envelope icon to the far right of the listing of their advisees.  By clicking on the box before the Name column toward the left, all students will be checked (or you can choose to contact just select students rather than the entire group). Then, clicking on the envelope icon on the right enables a faculty member to e-mail all of their assigned students.  You can personalize the e-mails with the students first name or full name (there are several options), send a copy of the e-mail to your e-mail so that you have a record of it, and attach something to the e-mail as well.
  1. Scheduling appointment recommendation: Google Calendar appointments
  2. Videoconferencing recommendation. We recommend that you use Zoom. This tool is reliable and has more support institutionally. You can either request an institutional account through or sign up for a free Zoom account at Instructions for using zoom for this purpose can be found here. We suggest looking into the ‘waiting room’ feature. This will allow for the same room to be used in all of your calendar appointment listings.


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