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Mobility in the Classroom

Here’s a list of some apps that may help you use your iPad in the classroom more effectively.  Click here to access the google doc.  This document was created for the 2013 Teaching with Technology workshop for faculty and teaching staff.  Let’s EMERGE together!


Teaching and Learning: Using iPads in the Classroom


slide deck for Educause presentation

Here’s the link to the Educause slide deck for my presentation:



Colleges Take Varied Approaches to iPad Experiments, With Mixed Results


sync and charge multiple iPads??


interesting project from University of Miami

The University of Miami Libraries’ Digital Scholarship and Programs Department is proud to announce Paperless University, a new blog about our experiences becoming a paper-free department at the Otto G. Richter Library.  Armed with iPads, we have spent the past two months learning what it takes to live without paper in the office environment, and are using the blog to share our knowledge with the world and foster a community of University of Miami students, faculty, and staff interested in the concept of going paperless.


Currently, our six department members constitute the blog’s only authors, but we hope to change this soon.  We welcome and encourage other people from the UMiami community willing to go paperless in some aspect of their lives—whether as librarians, staff, students, researchers, or faculty—to register as authors and begin sharing.  Comments on posts are also encouraged.  We aim to make the site as participatory as possible, and are actively recruiting people to join us.


Developing this blog has been a great experience. I hope that we can reach an audience beyond our University, so please share this with anyone you think would be interested. If you have any questions, you can send an email to paperlessu@miami.edu and either myself or one of the editors will be happy to answer them.


The URL for Paperless University is http://paperless.library.miami.edu/



students with iPad perform better?? from Apple Insider


A new school year, a new group of students, and a WHOLE new outlook on iPads.

I was pretty surprised to begin this new year, not because I’m more comfortable with the iPads (although I am) but because the students are considerably more open to the idea of using mobile apps. I’m sure this is simply because they have been exposed to it over the past 18 months, seen an increase in friends with iPads and most importantly, many have updated their cellphones so that they have personal kinaesthetic familiarity with touch screens. This comfort level helped immensely in our first class of the semester, in which I decided to take things nice and slowly and simply used the Notes app. This is an introductory course in Opera Theater, and the start of term is often the start of a student’s entire experience with the genre, so slow can be good. In this case, the first part of the class was in ‘lecture’ style, and they used the iPads to take notes from what would normally have been a printed handout. Then they sent the lecture notes to themselves. Simple but effective. In the next session I will present the other half of the lecture, this time using a PDF for the students to annotate, after which they can again send themselves the annotations.


interest in iPad is growing

We have received multiple requests from faculty about the iPad.  Several faculty have even purchased their own after “test-driving” one of ours.  I think that as an intermediate device, the touch-screen tablet computer (in this case the iPad) is very attractive for faculty who do not want to lug their laptops to class, but who still want to share content with students during class.


audio splitters for iPads

At the request of one of our faculty, we decided to purchase audio splitters for the cart.  Matt recommended:


and we purchased 20 of them.  When students are working in small groups, it would be nice to have them be able to hear the same thing without sharing a pair of headphones.  These splitters are inexpensive and did the trick!