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Making Your Photo Roster Available in Blackboard

While in your course and under “Course Management,” look for “Customization.”  Select and click.   Now, go to and click “Tool Availability.” There, you should find “Photo Roster – Confidential.” Make sure you check the box to make it available.  Also, be certain that you hit the “Submit” button. Finally, under “Course Tools,” the “Photo Roster” […]

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Using Blackboard Collaborate

The first link below is from Blackboard and while it is definitely their marketing piece, it also has some very useful information.  The other is from Northern Illinois and points out all of the different features. I will be adding more information on this tool but could also use your assistance. If you […]

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Moving Files from Google Drive to a Blackboard Site

We would suggest simply linking to the folders in Google. That way, you can change them on the fly directly in Google. You can connect to a Google Drive directly from Blackboard if you set up Google as a cloud account. To do this, log into Bb, and click on your name in the left […]

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3D Printing

How to Print on the Taz 3 1.  Turn on the printer using the switch on the left and watch the blue screen until it says: “Mendel ready.” 2.  You need to have a model picked out and ready to print on the Mac to the right of the printer.  The file must be in […]

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Addressing Advising Sites

We are very excited to be offering tools that can facilitate the advising process and make it more useful to our students.  The new, more comprehensive area for advisors to access information about their advisees has been created. Therefore, it is time to sunset the  sites in Blackboard.   You will still have access to them […]

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Map annotation

Find and upload map to google draw find relevant maps. Search for maps with decent resolution (e.g. Google search Tools>>Size — in dropdown select >1024×768) right or ctrl-click and select ‘View Image’ (exact wording may be different in different browsers) right or ctrl-click and select ‘Save Image as’ (exact wording may be different in different […]

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Request Forms

Need an account to get access to the Supercomputer SCIURus is a tool for research and education at Oberlin College, and as such its use is limited to Oberlin faculty, staff, students, and officially affiliated collaborators who are conducting research or course-related activities that require HPC resources. Once your account is approved, you will have […]

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Downloading Fall 2018 Course Materials From Blackboard

While we do leave courses in Blackboard for a time, we do not store them indefinitely and therefore, it makes sense to keep a local copy of the content that was part of your course. There are 2 primary methods for saving the content in your Bb course to your personal drive or computer. The […]

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New tool presentation

Periodically we will be providing you with new tools to engage students and sessions to explain how to use them. The particular tool explained in our next session (10 am May 21st, 2018)  is integrated directly with Blackboard and provides the capability to … record lectures and presentations for later distribution. connect to an outside presenter. engage […]

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Clearing Cache in Safari

The issue with Blackboard not allowing uploads from Safari has been fixed.  The issue stems from a change that Apple implemented which caused Blackboard to change the code it used to upload files from local machines.  HOWEVER, if you tried to upload documents during the period between when Safari was updated and when the fix […]