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Need an account to get access to the Supercomputer SCIURus is a tool for research and education at Oberlin College, and as such its use is limited to Oberlin faculty, staff, students, and officially affiliated collaborators who are conducting research or course-related activities that require HPC resources. Once your account is approved, you will have […]

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Using Google Hangouts to give support with a screenshare

Before you start your first video call Download and install the latest version of the Hangouts plugin for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari browsers. When asked to use your computer’s camera and microphone, click Allow. Once both parties have done these steps, the call can be initiated from the assisting office. Using Google Hangouts to […]

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How to Add Files to Blackboard from Language Lab

Instructions for adding Language Lab files to a class on Blackboard. To view a screenshot larger, click on it. 1. Add an item to any content area by hovering over “Build Content” in the upper left corner, then clicking on “Item” in the list of creation options 2. Once you are in item creation mode, […]

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Converting video/audio files

Since we are mostly a Mac campus, most of our video and audio is saved in a .mov format. Many Windows machines and browsers are not very good at automatically displaying these files. Therefore, we’ve been asked if there is any way to easily convert .mov files to something more compatible e.g. MP3 or MP4 […]

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Creating a Podcast assignment

Tools for creating podcasts (audio files) Some suggestions for those interested in creating a ‘podcast’ (audio) assignment for their students.  Have students create a script (double-spaced, 1 page is about 1 minute) Easiest tool to use is either Audacity (free download / Garage Band (comes on all Macs). Here are some useful tutorials for using these tools.  […]

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Create and Print a Poster

Click here to access a poster on Creating Academic Posters with lots of useful tips! Printing Services Printing Services prints posters for faculty or students who want to present their research findings.  If you have any questions about the process, you can contact OCTET at 775-8345 or

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Creating digital materials for your courses/organizations

Instructors can add file attachments to different areas in a course, such as to a content item, an assignment, or a Discussion Board post. Users open a file by clicking a link to the file that appears in the course. Creating Audio files for your courses When creating and saving audio files, be sure to […]

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Enrolling Users

How to add users to a course or organization: 1.  Navigate to the site and under the Control Panel heading go to Users and Groups. 2.  Click on Users and when the new screen appears click on the blue “Enroll User” button. 3.  Another new screen appears. This screen wants you to enter a person’s […]