Oberlin Center for Technologically Enhanced Teaching


Equipment Depot – Digital Arts

The equipment depot serves students and faculty involved in specific courses in Art, Cinema and Theater/Dance that involve the use of high-end video, audio and photographic equipment.  Students working on projects for their courses can check out everything from light kits to audio cables. Users must be trained on the equipment in order to use it.

Equipment is reserved via  Webcheckout, patron initiated reservation system.  If you are in one of the courses that studies and explains the use of the equipment, you will be given information on how to reserve equipment through this system.

As more and more information is delivered via multimedia, the traffic through the checkout has increased.

Shane Davis has been overseeing the management of this space as well as the scheduling of the shooting studio.

Hours of Operation, policies and information on how to reserve equipment can be found on our Blackboard site. You will need to have been given authorization to access the information.





Shooting Studio – Mudd 443

The Shooting studio is used by primarily by students taking Cinema courses. It needs to be reserved through …

For those taking relevant courses and need to use the space for coursework, more information can be found at: blackboard.oberlin.edu



Media Lab – Art building

This lab is used by students and faculty that are part of specific Art and Cinema courses. It contains a number of high-end Macs with specialized Final Cut keyboards, 2 teaching spaces and 2 rooms for audio editing.