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Announcing a new and unique opportunity for faculty, staff, students, classes, and organizations (basically EVERYONE) at Oberlin College. CIT/OCTET is sponsoring a ‘portal’ that will live on Wilder Bowl for 2 months starting on Sept 10th.  This portal will connect to other portals in a variety of locations around the world and is curated i.e. there is someone else that will take care of the logistics. You simply need to indicate what location you want to connect with and when. Then just show up and engage!

Some sample engagements that have occurred at Harvard and other locations:

Erbil A musician from the Harsham Camp performs traditional Arabic music for conference attendees.
Berlin Sheila Gallagher, presenting artist at AAR, runs a creative workshop with youth.
Erbil Dialogue: What are you studying? What do you hope to do?
Berlin Comedians and those with a good sense of humor trade jokes and skits from their communities. What humor translates? What gets lost in translation?
Gaza Rappers in Boston and Gaza City Share Music and Stories
Amman World History/World Geography/Contemporary Political Issues Harvard classes
Erbil Responding to poetry prompts, Anne Loyer
Berlin How Design and Technological Innovation Can Help Refugee/IDP Communities
Herat Improving Distance Education for Refugees
Amman Using Architecture to Improve Refugee Camps
Erbil Soccer Tips and Tricks

Portal Locations:

Current Sites

  • Brooklyn, USA – Tech Hub
  • Chicago, USA – Community Center (may not be available)
  • Colorado Springs, USA – Library
  • Milwaukee, USA – Community Center
  • Mexico City, Mexico – Public Park
  • San Pedro Sula, Honduras – University
  • Adelaide, Australia – Public Site
  • Astana, Kazakhstan – Public Site
  • Herat, Afghanistan – Girls Coding School
  • Kabul, Afghanistan – University
  • Erbil, Iraq – Camp for Internally Displaced People and Refugees
  • Amman, Jordan – Community Center
  • Gaza, Palestine – Tech Incubator
  • Berlin, Germany – Refugee-Run Tech Hub
  • San Jose, USA – Public School
  • Nairobi, Kenya – University
  • Kigali, Rwanda – Tech Hub


If connecting with someone in any of these countries would be a valuable experience for your students, please fill out this preliminary form. A curator will be in touch to help facilitate your encounter.

more info on Shared Studios website