Oberlin Center for Technologically Enhanced Teaching

Digital Arts

Support for the digital arts at Oberlin College crosses many boundaries and includes consulting, purchasing, maintaining and training for the use of software, spaces and equipment. Specifically, we work with faculty to design and plan for the use of equipment in Cinema and Art classes.
While our focus is on the Cinema and Art curriculum, other departments that have the need to create video, audio and still images can also come to us. Feel free to call or email us.


Labs Studios/Spaces Software Departments
King135MEDIA Lab at Art Building – More Info Screen Shot 2012-08-17 at 2.30.00 PMMudd Shooting Studio
More Info
Final Cut X Cinema Studies
More Info
Post Production Lab
at the Apollo Complex
More Info
Flatworks Room at the Apollo Complex
More Info
Premiere Studio Art
More Info
TIMARA Lab in Bibbins – More Info Recording Studio at the Apollo Complex
More Info
Photoshop TIMARA
More Info
Photo Lab
in Art Building
Apollo Shooting Space
More Info
After Effects Theater
More Info
Finalizing Space at the Apollo Complex
More Info
Baron Gallery Exhibit Space
More Info
ProToolsLogoPro Tools Dance
More Info


Screen Recording Software

Online Timeline Software

In-class engagement –> polling / clickers

Transferring Information in Google Calendar

Adding media to local online media server space

Equipment Depot – Digital Arts

Shooting Studio – Mudd 443

Creating a survey

Media Lab – Art building

Qualtrics at Oberlin College