Oberlin College Media Center

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Welcome to OCMC!

We offer support in media for faculty, students, and staff.

Drop In Hours

Sunday through Thursday 7-10 pm

Lab in the back right corner of First Floor Mudd

Faculty Course Support

We can present workshops for students for your courses and projects that require media use.

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Shane Davis

OCMC Supervisor
Kate Van Pelt Kate Van Pelt is a third-year Neuroscience major and Chemistry/Philosophy double minor from the Detroit area. Pursuing a career in neuroscientific research, her technological interests focus on the integration of media in the natural sciences. She has experience in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, statistical programs such as Prism and SPSS, and image analysis softwares used in biological research, including Fiji and ImageJ. She is a layout editor for The Synapse, Oberlin’s science magazine, and enjoys experimenting with typography and web design. Kate is interested in utilizing design tools and data visualization to make scientific research aesthetically pleasing, coherent, and accessible to the general public.
Laura Li

Laura is a senior double majoring in East Asian Studies and Cinema Studies. She is interested in narrative filmmaking as well as documentary, but her main focus in school is experimental filmmaking. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming and reading, but what she secretly likes the most is taking a bath in a hot spring. Laura now serves as a Media Consultant for Oberlin Media Center, and she hopes her knowledge in film production and editing can help the Oberlin community to create more powerful works.
Michael Fontana
Tom Morrison
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