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MyOE – planning and reflecting on an Oberlin experience

In an attempt to get students to think about their experience at Oberlin College as more than simply a series of courses, we are piloting a program that asks students to plan and reflect on what they hope to accomplish while they are enrolled as students and after they graduate.  We are doing this through a online ‘portfolio’ that starts from a template.  We ask students to share their plans and reflections with their advisor and anyone else they believe could assist them in achieving their stated goals.

We are asking students to use a template we’ve provided through google sites.  The template is modeled after the template used at The College of Wooster.  Using google sites allows students to  easily take control of their portfolio, share it  with anyone at Oberlin (faculty, staff, other students) and to share it with individuals outside of Oberlin  (alumni, parents, siblings) if they would like to do so.  If students make their site ‘public’ it can be indexed by search engines and visible to everyone in the world (not recommended).

Comments can be added to the site, emailed to the student directly or simply conveyed to the student during meetings with their advisor.

Note that these are not your typical portfolios in that they are focused on planning and reflection rather than the display of acquired skills. This is closer to a self- generated individual educational plan (IEP).


Links to instructions explaining how to get started are posted below. We have also prepared the  Media Associates  so that they can assist with implementation.

If you are unfamiliar with the Media Associates, they are peer-mentors that have higher-end technical skills specifically, but not exclusively, related to digital media. They’ve been around for 2 years and they are not only available to assist faculty with media-rich course assignments but they also staff the Oberlin College Media Center (OCMC). The OCMC  is located on the first floor of Mudd. and is open for business between  5-9pm, Sunday through Thursday.


  Additional materials for faculty and students related to the MyOE implementation

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