Tools & Software

There are a variety of online tools and software available to help you with your teaching, research and scholarship. Some are purchased and installed by the College. Others are available as third party services.

College provided tools include:

Course Management System:

  • Blackboard — automated student email list; calendar; document storage/organization and distribution; collaborative assignment tool (blogs/wikis/discussion boards); journal tool; assignment hand-in and feedback tool; grade center …
  • Additional tools integrated with Blackboard  include:
    • Piazza blogging tool
    • Can also be used independently of Blackboard
    • Student appointment scheduling tool
    • User Directory

Additional/complementary Tools:

  • Storage and distribution channels for course media:  Vimeo, Youtube, and Google Docs.
  • Additional blogging tools: WordPress, Tumblr
  • Smart classroom tool for looking up what equipment is available in a particular classroom, seating capacity and who is scheduled to teach in that room.
  • Google Apps – Email, Docs, Calendar; Sites, Blogger …
  • Music Theory Placement Exam
  • Survey tools
    • Blackboard
    • Qualtrics – go to main page and log in using your ObieID. This will create an account that allows you to test out the system.  If you wish to use it for active surveying, contact OCTET and ask for an expanded account.
    • Google forms
  • Quantitative and Spatial Analysis software





R studio



  • Classroom Response Systems
  • Video conferencing tools (contact A/V for assistance x58757)
    • Google hangouts
    • Skype
    • Zoom – site license
    • Polycom system in Mudd 456
    • 3rd Party: AdobeConnect, GoMeeting, WebEx
  • Online training can be accessed via a Cleveland Public Library account that anyone with a Northeast Ohio address can create for free.
You can sign up for a ‘digital’ card at:

Once you have your card # and PIN, you’ll need to access the Lynda tutorial.  This won’t be as easy as you think. I did not find an easy way to go from the Library (CPL) site to the tutorials.   So, here is a direct link for the tutorials via CPL:

Other tools you might consider

Poll anywhere

iTunes U

Google books

Survey Monkey



TED talks



See the software available in the Mac Labs and Windows Labs around campus, lists maintained by CIT

In most cases, OCTET will be able to help you or to direct you to where you can find some help. Feel free to call or email us.


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