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Podcast Feed vs Podcast Episode

A Podcast Feed is a series of audio and/or video files. A Podcast episode is one audio or video file.

Podcast Feed

You can create a Podcast page where all students in the course can participate (course wide podcast).  This is called the “single copy” option.   This option creates a page that lists all of the most recent podcasts  from everyone in the class (like in a blog).  This feature allows the student to filter by author and/or search for specific content.

You can also create a Podcast page that is only accessible to each student in the course (essentially a private podcast).  This is called  the “one per person” option.  The tool will present each student with only their podcast episodes.  There is no interaction and no way for students to share episodes, but faculty do have access to all private podcast pages.

Podcast Episode

You can create a Podcast page for all students in the course to participate (course wide podcast).  This tool is nearly identical to the single copy option except in presentation/format where there are obvious differences.  By default, this tool only shows the last podcast the instructor created but students can scroll to find other user podcasts.

Students can also click the main link for “Course Podcast” to get the listing of all podcasts.  At this point they can also filter by author.

Advice on using the tools:

  • If you want students to see all of the posts, create a Podcast Feed with the SINGLE COPY option because this provides a better experience and a more user-friendly interface.  The Podcast Episode will do the same thing, but it is not as intuitive.
  • If you want students to only see their own posts, create a Podcast Feed with the ONE PER PERSON option.