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Does your MAC unzip .zip files automatically?

When you download a .zip file in Safari on your MAC, does it unzip automatically?  This can be problematic if you are downloading .zip files for later use (such as future import into Blackboard).  There is a setting that you can change to prevent Safari from automatically unzipping the file: Open Safari. From the Safari […]

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Guest Access

Allowing Guest Access in a course or organization site will allow un-enrolled users the ability to enter and read the information therein. Access is granted at the course/org level and at the menu item level.   How do I change the global access for guests or observers in my site? If you want to allow/deny […]

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How organizations are displayed

The list of organizations allows you to search for courses or organizations via a keyword or a specific category. The links in the catalog display instructor information and a description. You may also be able to enroll, preview, or log into an organization. FAQs How can I find my organizations? Organizations can be found on […]