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Does your MAC unzip .zip files automatically?

When you download a .zip file in Safari on your MAC, does it unzip automatically?  This can be problematic if you are downloading .zip files for later use (such as future import into Blackboard).  There is a setting that you can change to prevent Safari from automatically unzipping the file:

  1. Open Safari.
  2. From the Safari menu, select PreferencesSafari preferences
  3. On the General tab, find the “Open Safe Files After Downloading” feature (usually at the bottom).
  4. Uncheck the box to prevent .zip files from opening automatically.   Disabling this feature can also help to protect your computer from malware and trojans.
  5. Once you have disabled the feature, download the .zip file again and it will remain intact without opening.uncheck


If you prefer to leave this feature enabled,  you can find the original .zip file in the trash.  Simply drag the original .zip file from the Trash to your desktop for use.


Access materials from older courses

Are you looking for an old course that is not in your Blackboard course list?  If we have a copy of the course, you can access it through Blackboard.  When you log into the system you should see a box just below your course list titled “Access materials from older courses.”  Click the link in the box and you’ll be prompted to enter a password.  Input your ObieID (same one used to access Blackboard).  Once you enter your credentials, you will be presented with a list of past courses.  These are zipped package files and need to be downloaded to your computer before you can import them into Blackboard.  Click the link to the course to initiate download.  Please be sure to download the file without unzipping it.  Once you have the file on your computer, you can then use the import feature in your course site to upload it back into the system.

Click here to learn how to “Import Course Packages.”


Create a backup of your course or organization

The Export Course feature creates a package of the Course content that can later be imported and used to teach another Course with the same content.  Archive Course creates a permanent record of a Course including all the content and user interactions.


The “Archive Course” option creates a permanent record of a course including all the content and user interactions. Archived courses are saved as .zip files. Archiving a course does not remove it from the system. Instructors/leaders cannot restore an archived course.   To restore an archived course, please contact the system administrator.

For more information about archiving a course, click here.

  •  To watch a video about archiving a course, click here.


The “Export Course” feature creates a package of the course content that can later be imported and used to teach another course with the same content. It is important to note that, unlike the Archive Course feature, Export Course does not include any user interactions within the course—it only includes the content and the tools.

Export packages are downloaded as compressed .ZIP files and are imported in the same format. Do not unzip an Export package or remove files from the package, otherwise the package will not be imported correctly. Instructors/leaders can import Exported course packages through the control panel.

For more information about exporting a course, click here.

  • To watch a video about exporting a course, click here.
  • To watch a video on importing a course, click here.

Note: Please remember that, fundamentally, courses and organizations work the same. In nearly all cases, if you are trying to do something in an organization, but the help info refers to a course, you will still be able to follow the course instructions for your organization.